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Residential Painting

single-family home after Impressions Painting exterior paint job in Tulsa, OK

We understand that most people who are looking for painting are homeowners who have decided it is time for a fresh coat on the place they already call home! Whether your paint has faded, this harsh Oklahoma weather has done its worst, or you are just looking for a change, Impressions Painting is your best choice for residential painting. We serve a wide range of residential homes for both interior and exterior paint jobs. From 5000 square foot homes to the tool shed in your backyard, we will get the job done right the first time. With a highly skilled team and decades of experience in the industry, there is no job too big for us!

We understand that fresh paint is a big commitment and usually a substantial investment in your home, so we're proud to offer as many options as possible. From neutral favorites to bold blues, we offer a huge variety of high-quality paints that will give you the exact style you are looking for.

Our goal is to serve this community the very best way that we possibly can, which is why we only use the best paints—no matter the client. This ensures that your investment will be long-lasting and hold its gorgeous look, while also protecting your home from weather damage. Residential work is the most fun for us; we are honored to be a part of making your house a home and bringing your vision to life!


Commercial Painting

Although our heart is for residential paint projects, we are not limited in our abilities to exceed in commercial work as well. Just ask Tulsa Welding School or Discount Tires about their experience using Impressions Painting for their projects! We love a good opportunity to add some freshness to a thriving business or school.

We understand that commercial jobs usually come with some rules, regulations, and requirements in regards to a new paint scheme; we will make sure to work with your guidelines and produce the best look possible. With all of our jobs, we absolutely understand that it can be a hassle in your schedule to have your establishment painted, especially when you are worried about customers being affected. That is why we strive to be fast and extremely efficient during every job, and commit to clean up during and after your project. We will be in and out so quickly that your customers won’t even realize we were there—all they will notice is that fresh vibrant color and how nice your establishment looks.

We offer the best service at the best price and would love to give you a free estimate. Give us a call today so we can get you on the books!

Discount Tire Tulsa, OK location after Impressions Painting exterior paint job

Staining & Finishes

man staining a wood plank

One of the most time-consuming and messy things about owning a home is having to stain that beautiful wood fence or deck! Here in Oklahoma, our outdoor spaces hold a lot of value, so we want to make sure that yours is protected from the harsh weather we tend to experience. In order to save time and a major headache, we encourage you call Impressions for not just your painting needs, but also when you have a staining project ahead of you. This is a very simple add-on service we offer that can be paired with any painting job you're in need of.

We approach staining the same way that we approach painting: only using the highest quality stains and ensuring coats are even in order to keep your wood looking its best for years to come. This doesn’t just improve the look of your outdoor space, it also protects the wood from rotting in the future or losing its integrity. Depending on how big of an area you are needing to cover, this can be a simple project that we tackle in a day or two, getting you right back to those barbecues or nights relaxing on the deck. Ask us about all the staining services we offer and our affordable prices.


House Repairs & Protection

At Impressions Painting, no painting project is complete until we have gone above and beyond for the homeowner to ensure that we are making any repairs to the home that we possibly can. During our first walk-through, whether interior or exterior, we will take the time to walk around with you and point out anything in need of repair. Suggested repairs could be: window resealing, tile or siding caulking replacement, or even rotted boards needing attention. These repairs are often extremely minor and incredibly easy for us to tackle during your project with barely any extra cost to you. We are proud to save you money by addressing these repairs so you don't have to hire a handyman (who will charge an absurd amount for simple services).

We guarantee the quality of our work and ensure that you will be able to enjoy your fresh coat of paint for many years to come. Making sure the surfaces we work on meet quality standards is one of the ways we see to it that your fresh coat lasts!

If you have any questions or concerns about needed repairs, we would love to discuss them with you and walk you through all the options to determine what's best for you and your project.

exterior of a home with chips in the boards

Drywall Installation & Repairs

Man working on installing drywall

Have drywall with holes in it, bubbling paint, poor insulation, or your home is just missing some walls? We can repair the current condition of your home's drywall. Whether you're working on a remodeling project or an accident occurred, drywall is just one of those parts of the house that needs additional care every now and again. Even a high level of moisture can be a worrisome downfall of old drywall. We can repair any condition your drywall is in whether it's a patch or a complete replacement of parts of your wall.

Working on a larger project and need drywall to be installed? We do that too! If you're getting new drywall installed in your home, you want to go with a trusted name in the local area to rely on proper workmanship. Improperly installed drywall is dangerous and a waste of money. We offer affordable pricing on our drywall installations. Call today to schedule an inspection of the drywall installation project.


Siding Replacement

The sides of your home are part of the first line of defense against the Oklahoma weather throughout the year. Aside from your roof, it's one of the most important shields your home's interior has. Accurately installed siding should withstand high wind gusts, rain, hail, intense UV rays, and random debris. Compromised siding is a disaster waiting to happen.

We replace home sidings that have aged, become damaged, or were improperly installed. If you notice cracks, missing pieces, or any other damage to the siding of your home, give us a call and we'll help protect your home again. We guarantee your home will withstand years of rough weather throughout every season.

house siding being replaced

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

man removing popcorn ceiling with a scraper

Popcorn ceilings are not a nice addition to any house these days. This eyesore is simple to remove, but requires a lot of time and strength to completely remove. Then, you can start on the painting process. If your home currently has a popcorn ceiling, our team is experienced in quickly and efficiently removing the popcorn to make way for the beautiful new paint job.

Yes, you could buckle down, buy the right tools, and remove it all by yourself, but it's a dirty and time-consuming project. That's why we offer this stress-relief service to our customers. After we've removed the popcorn ceiling and have made sure that your home is free from asbestos (some popcorn materials used to use this), we'll move forward with preparing your ceiling for the painting project.

Our customers have been very happy in choosing a professional over a DIY popcorn ceiling removal job. Thanks to our experience, expertise, and tools, we can remove all of the popcorn, paint over the clean ceiling, and give you a satisfying ceiling experience that fits the rest of your home.

We would love to be able to meet your painting needs. If you are looking for Tulsa painters, have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule a FREE painting estimate, please fill out the form below to get in touch with us!
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