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We are the most trusted and reliable painting company that understands that providing a safe and comfortable environment for elderly residents is of utmost importance, and we specialize in delivering high-quality workmanship to aged care facilities. 

Our team of experienced painters are committed to providing a cost-effective and excellent service throughout Tulsa. At Impressions Painting in Tulsa, we understand that the appearance of your aged care facility is important for both aesthetic reasons and to maintain a safe environment. 

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that all of your painting needs are met, with a focus on quality and efficiency. We offer a range of services, including interior wall and ceiling painting, exterior painting, wallpapering and repairs, as well as color consulting. Our team has extensive experience in the aged care industry and is available to provide advice on the most suitable products for your facility. 

We use quality paints with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to ensure the health and safety of your residents, staff and visitors. Our team is also highly experienced in working with a range of different surfaces, such as concrete, timber, vinyl and steel.

Aged Care Kitchen Painting

Aged care kitchen painting requires special attention to detail and skill to ensure that the elderly residents remain safe and comfortable in their living environment. Our skilled team of painters are experienced in painting kitchen walls and cabinets with a range of finishes, from high gloss to semi-gloss. Our commercial painters also take care to make sure that all surfaces are fully sealed to protect against grease, food splashes and moisture.

Exterior Painting

Our experienced professionals have the skill and experience required to complete exterior painting projects for elderly care facilities quickly and efficiently. We use high-quality paints and coatings that are designed to stand up to harsh climates, as well as being highly durable and low maintenance. Our qualified painters can also provide advice on the best colors and finishes to enhance your facility’s appearance.

Aged Care Bathroom Painting

Aged care bathroom painting is an important task in providing a safe and comfortable environment for seniors who live in aged care facilities. At Impressions Painting, our commercial painting contractors offer bathroom painting services that include the use of low-VOC paints to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your residents. Our team is experienced in painting bathrooms with different finishes, such as high gloss, semi-gloss and satin.

Elderly homes need to be kept in top condition, and painting the roof is one of the best ways to ensure this. Our team offers a comprehensive range of services, including applying protective sealants and coatings, as well as offering color consulting to ensure the right look for your building.

Aged Care Plaster Repairs

Our plaster repairs are an integral part of providing a safe and secure living environment for the elderly. As walls, ceilings, and other surfaces can become worn from age or physical damage, it is important to ensure that they are restored to their original condition. 

Our professional painters offer efficient and quality repairs to elderly facilities so that the elderly have a safe and comfortable living space. For efficient painting solutions in your facility, contact us today.

Impressions Painting is committed to providing excellent commercial painting services that exceed client expectations. With their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to quality, they are the trusted choice for commercial property owners looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of their spaces.

Trust and Reputation: Impressions Painting has built a strong reputation for their exceptional work and dedication to customer satisfaction. They have earned the trust of numerous commercial clients through their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering high-quality results. Their satisfied customers and positive reviews reflect their dedication to excellence.

Customized Solutions: Every commercial property is unique, and Impressions Painting understands the importance of customization. They work closely with clients to understand their vision, goals, and specific requirements. Whether you need to match existing color schemes or create a completely new look, their team will provide tailored solutions to meet your preferences.

Value-added Services: Impressions Painting goes beyond just painting. They offer additional value-added services to enhance your commercial space. This includes pressure washing to remove dirt and grime, wallcovering installation for a stylish and durable finish, and warranty options to provide peace of mind for their clients.

Respect for Your Property: Impressions Painting understands that your commercial property is a valuable asset. They take great care to protect your floors, furniture, and other belongings during the painting process. Their painters work efficiently and maintain a clean and organized work area, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.

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