Paints that are of excellent quality provide superior coverage, do last longer than usual and are easier to get rid of compared to cheap paints. Buying the best in the market, even if it will cost more, will get your money’s worth in the long run.
Oil-based paints
Oil-based enamel is a type of paint that is generally used for windows and doors since it does not wear down easily. In contrast, characterizing the level of smell an oil-based paint has, is stronger compared to other types. Drying time is longer than usual as well. Oil-based enamel paint also needs thinners or mineral turps when cleaning up.
Water-based enamel paints
This is the freshest addition to the numerous of paints that are already available on the market today. Using this kind, it gives a high gloss appearance without too much of a smell as well as the long drying period.
Satin paints that have semi-gloss
This type can be more washable compared to flat finishes with low sheen paints. this is usually used in the bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas given that its resistance to moisture is higher than other the types.
Accent paints with low sheen
This type is usually applied to walls with the exception of kitchens, bathrooms as well as your laundry area. This type is also washable besides having some upright hiding clout.
Gloss paint
This type of paint is typically used for windows and doors. It is characterized by having a high level of moisture resistance and is very much washable. It is important to sand up the surface of your furniture before applying this type of paint since any blemishes are easily seen.
Acrylic Paints
These water-based paints are commonly applied to your house’s ceilings and walls. Acrylic paint dries fast compared to other types, odorless and extremely low levels of VOC.
In making a decision as to which type of paints and colors to use on exterior painting, whether it is a new or old house, there are many factors you have to consider. You are making a substantial investment in this undertaking. It will require adequate planning and preparation to make sure that the best choice suitable to your likings, taste, and budget is done. This is a challenging responsibility you have to face as a decision maker.
With regards to color combinations, you need to spend greater time if your priority is the creation of a special look, ambiance or mood. There are many online resources you can have access to. You can get many color combination ideas from photo galleries, from house paint color software which can provide you amazing virtual painting scenarios.
With regards your exterior paint, you should blend it with the color of your roof, your fence, garage, and landscape. Whatever your preference depends on your taste and your personality. You can be innovative and creative. Develop your own one of a kind striking exterior color. Or you can be conservative and go along with the common colors used in your neighborhood.
Most important is your choice should be based on quality, durability and visual impact suited to your taste. Eventually, if your paints and colors do not peel off or fade out easily and last longer, it can be said that you have made the best choice.