Wish to paint your residence? What one of the biggest investments one makes in life is perhaps, purchasing a house. You work day in and day out to collect funds so that your dream house’s keys reach your palm. However, many consider buying the property to be an end of the road. One should not forget to invest an equal amount of time, money and energy to maintain the owned house. After purchasing your house, it is extremely vital that you carry out house maintenance measures regularly such as house painting. Apart from enhancing the looks, it helps to improve the quality of life as it hinders the growth of pests. House painting is a daunting task and cannot be done alone. One should call up painters in my area who will take the responsibility on their shoulders and complete the work in no time.

So, here is a list of things that need to be enquired before you hire painters and decorators:


Check their efficiency, by which I mean to check the number of years of experience that backs up their expertise and professionalism in the industry. Efficiency also refers to reliability and the ability to meet deadlines. If you are lucky enough you can learn about their proficient delivery of an impeccable end product from their previous customers who were also people who recommended their services to you. If that is not how you came across them and had to do your little research, ask for the following:


There is no harm in asking for some earlier references. As a customer, you have all rights to know about their reputation from sources that have experienced their services in the past. A good company or individual service provider of painters and decorators would proactively give you the contact of their previous customers for references. Their confidence shows through this act of volunteering their references to you and strikes high on the priority chart of proficient service providers.


Proof of experience and professional certifications would do the job of satisfying you on how experienced your decorators in Glasgow are.


Samples of their work can also prove as essential factors of choosing the best amongst the best of decorators in your area.


Ask for relevant insurance certificates that ensure that you are not liable for any injuries caused during the renovations.

Ask for guarantee:

Amongst the shortlisted candidates, get to know the extent to which they guarantee their work

Enquire about the quality or brand of the materials used:

You are investing in professional services; the least you expect is unblemished services that last for a long time. So, knowing the standard and quality of materials used can help you choose amongst the appropriate decorators in Glasgow.

Time estimates:

It is good to know the time estimates in advance so that you can schedule a myriad of other things of your life accordingly.

Get the quote:

Get appropriate quotes specific to the job you have mentioned from each of these companies and analyzed the benefits of each. Make sure you inquire whether or not the quote includes VAT, labor charges, material costs, packing of household goods and post cleaning of debris. Get a clear idea of the services that are being charged and those that are excluded, if any.