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Exterior painting is one of those activities that homeowners can hardly avoid in the modern days. It’s home improvement exercise that is not only meant to ensure that the home is well-maintained but also look refreshed and updated. Unfortunately, unlike interior home painting, the exterior painting calls for special considerations given the number of external factors that the paint are exposed to. One of those factors is the most appropriate time to proceed with exterior house painting to ensure that not only is a credible painting done, but also the exterior painting lasts for a longer period. That will not only help you save some penny but will also ensure that the painting is done with any form of natural interruption. So what are some of the weather consideration you ought to have in mind before doing the external painting?

Make sure the wexterior paintingeather is friendly to the painter: In order for a wonderful exterior painting job to be done, it need not only to be done by professional and experienced exterior painters but also in a friendly environment. One of the factors that may contribute to a poor exterior job being done, is doing the painting in small bits just because the prevailing weather cannot allow the painter to remain outside for long.

Also, consider the best temperatures for painting your home. Exterior painting is an exercise that needs to be done at a constant temperature that does not easily fluctuate. You will find that if for instance the temperature at the day is high and the at night, the temperatures are extremely low, there is high chance that dew may be formed on the just painted coat which may end up doing more harm than good. Besides, when the temperatures are relatively high, the coats tend to form faster reducing the chanced of it easily wearing out within a short span of time.

Apart from that, you may need to consider the working environment. The best time to do exterior painting would be when there are very few people especially the kids at home. This will reduce the amount of disturbance not to mention that some of these paints may have a scent that may not be so friendly to the inhabitants.

Make sure there is neither wind nor is it likely to rain for at least two days after the exterior painting has been done. When doing an external painting when it’s windy, a lot of paint may be wasted in the process as the wind will be blowing it away during the painting. On the hand, raining is the greatest enemy to exterior painting especially in the early stages when the coat has not properly formed. It’s therefore highly recommended that you do the painting when you almost sure that it will not rain for two or three days after painting to give it time to dry up and form a coat that can easily be destroyed by the raindrops.

In conclusion, for an amazing exterior painting experience, it’s highly advisable that you do your research in thinking through the best times to paint your exterior. Contact Impressions Painting for more ideas and thoughts concerning your next painting project.

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