Interior House Painters Give Amateurs Paint Sheen Advice

Painting contractors that do interior house painting projects are actually artists. Painting the inside of a home does not look. Most of us have either painted a room in our house without the help of a professional or we have had friends that painted rooms in their house without the help of professionals. That means that most of us have seen the obvious difference between the work of professionals and the work of amateurs with the best of intentions.
The professionals tell us that one of the reasons why amateurs do not get the same quality of work as the professionals is because the amateurs do not take into consideration the importance of the paint sheen they use.

There are 6 basic paint sheens.
• The flat is a high pigment paint so it takes less of it to cover the surface. That makes this paint more affordable. This type of paint is to be used in bedrooms and areas where you do not have to wash the walls very often.
• Matte finishes are like flat finishes. They are designed for low traffic areas like ceilings or bedrooms.
• Eggshell is designed for a low traffic area where you will not have to wash the walls often, but its clean smooth look makes it perfect for dining rooms and areas like that.
• Satin is a sheen is easily cleaned and it can stand up to high traffic. It does well in rooms like family rooms.
• Semi-Gloss is a durable paint that you would want to use in areas like the kitchen and possibly in children’s rooms. Semi-gloss is very good for chair rail and trim. It holds up well to multiple cleanings so you can use it on baseboards and moldings.
• Hi-Gloss is like semi-gloss in the fact that it is very durable and easy to clean. It works very well in a bathroom or kitchen where you want to be able to wipe the walls down often. Hi-gloss paint works well on doors, trim, and around windows.
Sheen and Color

If you want a dark color on your walls then you do not want a high sheen like a hi-gloss or a semi-gloss paint. These sheets will create a shiny effect when you select dark toned paint colors. This happens because the dark colors have more colorant in them than light colors have. The colorant adds a small amount of shine so when you get a dark color the sheen of the paint is boosted. When using dark colors use a sheen that is one step down from what you usually like. If you like a semi-gloss select a satin sheen.

You should know that the more sheen a paint has the higher the price of the paint is. The additional cost usually works out to being only about one or two dollars per gallon.

Reducing paint Smell
The professionals say that if you use vanilla or lemon oils in your paint you can reduce the paint smell. Use the vanilla in darker colors and use the lemon oil in the lighter colors.
The pros also say that if you will soak your paint brushes in liquid fabric softener you will keep the bristles of your brush soft and pliable.