An interior paint gives your house an inner beauty. While choosing the best brand to buy, the experience can be confusing. This is because so many brands are emerging in the market. There are interior flat paints and interior glossy paints. When flat paints are used in rough or textured walls, they seem darker because they absorb light. Gloss paints on smooth surfaces reflect light thus making the colors look brighter. A good interior paint should be able to resist stains, scrubbing, fading and sticking.
Flat paints may hide interior imperfections perfectly. However, they are the least stain resistant. Satin and eggshell paints are only applied to fairly smooth surfaces and their shining may hide the imperfections on your wall too. Their disadvantage is that they change their sheen when you scrub them. Being the easiest to clean, these paints may also turn dull when they are scrubbed.
Before we dwell on which interior paints are the best, there are factors you will need to consider before buying any. They include Color, sheen, and primer. While you can get almost any color of any kind of brand, sheen vary significantly across brands. The top-selling interior paint colors remain off-whites and whites.

Top interior paint brands

Benjamin Moore

For many years now, Benjamin Moore has remained the best interior paint brand. They produce high-quality paints. What makes Benjamin Moore stand out is the dedication to inform their customers on the best painting procedures, techniques, and finishes. By using their color matching application you can be sure to easily match any material to the closest Moore paint shade.

Farrow and Ball

If you want perfect colors for the fall, then go for Farrow and Ball paints. The company does not only offer you with paints, they also come with unique wallpapers. This caters for those who haven’t yet decided if they want their walls to have a new paint look or just hang a wallpaper.


Behr has been around for decades now. They sell a variety of high-quality interior paints and primers. To easily get a glance of how you would want your interior to look like, you can visit their website. They also assist customers with useful information such as how-to and color trends.


Valspar is in over 25 countries with a workforce of close to ten thousand. This makes it one of the largest paint companies in the world. Valspar offers a guarantee that your colors should be perfect. If it’s not to your satisfaction there is a form that you fill out after which you are given another paint for free. Valspar has a high definition paint which is both primer and paint. Its main role is to completely cover outdated colors with just one coat thus saving time.


This is a perennial top performer which is equally renowned for its quality interior paints and other exterior products. Founded in1866, Sherwin-Williams brand is well established across the world.
Give your room a good interior look with any of these quality interior paint brands.