Every now and then, home needs a makeover to match with your changing lifestyle and taste. Repainting your home can be a fulfilling experience when you paint it with high-quality vibrant colors. Having a cheerful home depends largely on the color of the walls and it is a proven scientific fact that colors can influence your mood. You can select a wide range of colors and textures which are available in the market. There is no limitation to the color combination which you can get and only limited by your imagination. Using the right colors adds emotion and drama to otherwise plain and boring rooms.

You can vary the color contrast, mix and match different combinations and experiment with different textures and designs. Nowadays, paint companies provide a virtual environment in which you can experiment with all the different possible combinations and select the design and color suited to your taste. You can imagine different themes for different rooms and explore the versatile and diverse color palette to match the theme of the room.

Want to impress your girlfriend? Go for purple colored walls for your bedroom. Purple and white go in exotic combinations and you can match the interior wall color with the pillows cover, bed sheets, even sofas. It gives an authentic feel of a luxurious home and also evokes romantic sensibility to your home. It is a lively color which speaks stories of the romantic interlude of the bedroom without words. Have a gorgeous rug of the same color to take the experience a notch up.

You can experiment with rich and bright green colors for your dining room which gives a natural greenery look and forest like art designs on the walls in light green color add more aesthetic to the room. For kitchens, you can try a sunny and bright color such as yellow. Yellow is warm and looks great in combination with white tiles, cabinets. To choose the right yellow shade for your kitchen, you can start with a light yellow and can increase the intensity to match your preferences.

You can try pavilion gray for guest rooms which gives a mystical aura perfect for soothing guests. Pair up this color with a majestic chandelier and inspire awe from your guests. You can use Blue tequila color for your accent wall. Having a color closer to your wall color will make the accent wall nicely blend in with the surroundings and also make your rooms appear larger.

For a home office, shadow taupe color gives the feel of the workspace without even trying too much. It blends perfectly with the wooden furniture you may have in your home office. This rich yet neutral color gives a relaxing atmosphere as well as business-like feel. This color in combination with natural lighting and white trim will give a soothing atmosphere and also make the room feel expansive to increase your productivity.

Accessorize your girl child room with special pink, orange and light yellow combination with stripes to create the perfect room with playful atmosphere and mischief. Having bold colors evokes a sense of healthy naughtiness and cheerful sense to the room. You can also combine unexpected colors of hue such as lime green, pastel pink etc. for the children’s playroom.

Thus modern paint technology provides a virtually infinite number of color combinations for creating a wonderland right within your home. You will be spoilt for the innumerable choices and you will not be bound by anything while repainting your home.