If you own a home with wood siding then there is a good chance that you need the services of exterior house painters now, or that you will require the services of some of these professionals very soon. The paint on your house does improve the looks of your home, but paint is not just aesthetically appealing.

Paint covers the wood and creates a barrier that helps to protect that wood from rain, dew, wind, high temperatures, and all other acts of Mother Nature. Your paint is the number one defense your home has against the elements outside. Getting a proper coat of paint on the exterior of your home will save you a small fortune in the future.
Paint can help stop bugs from intruding into your home because paint can have an insecticide mixed with it that will stop the bugs from wanting to burrow into your wood.

Paint can stop mold and mildew from forming on the wooden surfaces of your home. Paint protects the wood from moisture and humid conditions. Moisture is what provides mold and mildew with the prime places to live.
Many people do not see why they should hire exterior house painters because those people say they can do the jobs themselves. Well actually anybody can smear paint but exterior house painters can apply the paint so that it actually covers all of the wood in an equal layer. That makes your house look better.

These experts have all of the equipment and knowledge that it takes to do the painting in about one-third of the time that it would take the homeowner to do the job. These experts clean up the mess that they make before they leave so the homeowner does not have to. You may not realize it but not all garbage collections services can pick up used paint cans.

When a professional painter sees a potential problem like an eave board that is starting to rot or a shutter that needs to be repaired, they usually have the skills to make the repair, or they can alert the homeowner and let them get the repair made before it becomes a major concern.

Hiring professionals will ensure that you get a professional look that will last for years. The experts know how to properly prepare the surfaces that are going to be painted so the paint adheres to them properly.
If you cannot hire a professional, or you still want to do the job yourself then the following advice will appeal to you.

Words of Advice from Exterior House Painters
The expert painters that we interviewed had the following advice for homeowners.
• Don’t fall behind in 2018. The longer you wait to paint your house the more likely damage will occur to your wooden surfaces.
• The preparation for exterior house painting needs to happen as soon as possible.
• Make sure you use a high-quality primer before you apply your paint. Primer is cheaper than paint and it causes you to use less paint and it allows the paint to go on evenly.
• Buy paint that is designated for exterior use. Water-based paints are intended for interior use.
• Take the time to tape your windows so you do not have to go back later and scrape off paint.