Whether you require painting the interior or exterior of your home, choosing a professional house painter is essential to get the job done for the first time. First, you need to determine the scope of your project. This allows you to find the right professional house painter to complete it.


If you have a small painting project (for example, one or two rooms to repaint it), perhaps the best choice is to hire a solo painter operator. Because owner-operators have virtually no overhead (no staff, no office, no utility vehicles, etc.), they can make your small project relatively cheaper than a large paint company.


But the biggest projects are a different story. These must be done efficiently, and painters simply do not have the manpower or resources to carry out such projects according to industry standards and on time. Such large work requires the use of a trained paint crew, appropriate paint equipment, and a good project manager or foreman. The most important painting works include interior painting and multi-part exterior painting or interior painting.


Once you have determined whether you should hire a solo operator or a full paint shop, there are other things to look out for.


First, when you receive quotes for your paint job, make sure each contractor describes the scope of work. You want to be sure that the estimates contain the same service elements of each contractor. Things like how much preparatory work is done, how many layers of paint are applied and what brand of products is used, need to be consistent with all the color estimates you receive. In this way, when you later see the offered prices, compare “apples with apples.”


Many times, inexperienced or non-professional painters are quoted the same job for a price much lower than the reputable contractor who gave you quotes. Owners are often very excited about the immediate savings they could make, and rightly so. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” In most cases, these very low-priced auction painters – to save money – skip the crucial steps in the preparation process, use the cheapest products they can find, and perform their work from poor quality. In the end, the painting will not last, and the owner has to repaint his place prematurely. 

How to choose a professional house painter near me or someone who will ruin a paint job, check the following:

1) Business registration. Is it a real company and can I hold you responsible in a few months if the painting fails? Unregistered people can take your money and practically disappear, and you have no recourse and no one who blames you for bad work.

2) Insurance. Does this company have insurance? In case of unfortunate events, you want to be sure that your house is protected. If a ladder accidentally falls on your car or breaks your window, you need to be sure the company has liability coverage to cover these unfortunate events.

3) Examples of past work and customer reports. Do not just take the word of the painters, find out what others have said about their painting, and look at the pictures of the work they have done in the past.

4) After all, a legitimate painter entrepreneur should never ask you for a large sum in advance. Usually, 10-15% is considered in advance as the norm to cover material costs, but if the painter asks you for something over this amount, you should be careful.